Ability In Disability

We focus on improving the quality of life of children with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, ADD and Learning Disability(Educational),
Hearing Impairment.

Our Vision

To be a world-class institution for intervention, rehabilitation and education of persons with special needs in partnership with their parents and care givers. To be a world-class institution for intervention, rehabilitation and education of persons with special needs in partnership with their parents and care givers.

A Centre where individuals living with cerebral palsy and other related developmental disorders are given opportunities by identifying their needs and supporting their individual strengths using evidence-based methods in achieving their full potentials.

  • To provide specialized educational services for individuals living with disabilities within Nigeria.
  • To integrate child(ren) into mainstream schools to become self-confident learners.
  • To create awareness and support indigent families with children living with cerebral and other developmental disabilities.
  • To provide employment opportunities for individuals with Special Needs.
  • To create vocational opportunities for persons with special need struggling with educational challenges.

Our Team

Aminat Jummai Gimba


Blessing Archibong

Centre co-ordinator


Regina Isiah (The Farid Centre Secretary)

Having been at the centre since it opened its doors, I can say that a lot of hard work has been put in by the proprietors to make sure all efforts put in place for the children to benefit from the therapies have been achieved. It is really left for the parents to use this opportunity to make it work for their children

Ahmed Idris (Special Needs Teacher)

It has been great teaching the children at the centre and seeing their progress due to the efforts special teachers have put in. Seeing them grow and become independent in so many ways makes us happy we achieve what we set out to do.

Mrs Hauwa Maikano (A mother to a special needs child)

Learning that your child has a disability or illness is just the beginning of the journey. A journey with an enormous emotional impact that causes FEAR… WORRY… GRIEF… GUILT.. the list is endless. My journey with FARID CENTRE started when my need for information and assistance overtook my need for isolation. My Abbaty was six years old when I met Antee Jumai the founder of the Farid centre, that meeting has helped shaped me as a happy Mom of a child with special needs. My Abbaty was diagnosed at six months of age with cerebral palsy. He could barely sit. Today by the special grace of God and help from the centre, he has achieved many milestones. He sits properly with balance, stands in a kneeling position, recognizes people around him and can pass expressions of hunger and thirst. His toilet training guided by his caregiver uncle Ahmed is yielding good results. The home visit by the management of the centre was of great help. I adjusted to so many things needed in my child’s surrounding. The new initiative of online care/training activities that the centre is organizing will go a long way to assist us the parents not to lose touch with our children’s progress due to the situation of the coronavirus lockdown. I also want to express my gratitude to antee Jumai and all staff of the FARID CENTRE for the role you play, a role guided by the heart, done out of love and patience. A task that makes a difference in our children’s lives. God bless you all for always keeping our kids interest at heart and for endless care in this AMAZING JOURNEY!