The farid centre art gallary

The Farid Centre proudly presents an artist by name YAQUB .T. USMAN also known as YAQart.

He is the founder of YAQARTWORLD
He deals in all forms of Art in general ranging from painting, drawing, customizing(printing), sculpture, ceramics, textile and more.

YaqArt mainly makes use of available materials to produce all his beautiful artworks and also use charcoal pencil for almost all his black and white drawings and also in terms of mix media he uses fabric pieces, broken bottles, stone, breads, newspaper, sand, wood and more for his art works.

Below are some few art works done by YaqART. ‎

1. Black Lion.
The true identity of Africa that is being abdued
The road of he lion in the jungle can never be subdued.
Africa. Time to rise and invoke your fear in the hearts of the world tenders.

2. The African woman.
Conqueror of he Horizons.
The reflections of the beauty of sunset on he sea of black skin radiating warm brilliant colours the Aurora could only dream of.

3 Beautiful maidens

Bring m drink beautiful maiden.
Fill me up with nutrition and pleasure.
Come o curves of the wind. Cover me with the brown skin from silver of the moon

4. Sweet mother.
Medium : pieces of fabric
Artist :YaqArt

5. Title:-Beauty in imperfections.
Our differences makes up the jigsaw of beauty. Our imperfections unified makes up the puzzle of perfection.
Medium: pieces of fabric materials
Artist: YaqArt

6. Title: The Crowd fades away and leaves you with stains of regret and emptiness when they become your goal.
Medium : oilpaint on canvas
Artist: YaqArt

7. What make the beauty of a woman is not just her skin, eyes, hair and curves but the many little things called character and habits

8. Palm wine and the tapper.
Will he need o ladder?
How does he go higher?
It’s his goals located in the later
Of that white sweet water.

9. Africa brown skin beauty.
Tropical flow in contrast of the forest.
Curves that test the rivers of Zambezi and Nile.

10. Pour.
Imbalance breeds wastage
Wrong positioning will not receive but throw away opportunities

11. Arewa.
The horse riders of the Sahel Savannah.
The simplicity of true identity.

12. African beauty.
Black skin. Shining like the black diamond.
White teeth like ivory.
Beauty loved by the sun and the earth.

13. African kind of motherhood

She caters for herself and her young.
Defends her young.
Never backs down for anyone.

14. Wealth of the sea

A land filled with Royalty, beautiful maidens, beautiful sunset and sun rise, good music, different culture and wide life

16. Portrait

18. Flow of Knowledge.
Knowledge is meant to be used and transferred. The greatest asset any man or woman can leave for the next generation is Knowledge

19. Serenity in balance. Balance in nature.
Nature in our care.

20. Water on stone. Fate of the ocean set in stone. To hold beauties and mysteries of a million years and a million races.

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