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Farid Centre is a caregiving place set in a home that makes therapy available for people with special needs. Prompt intervention is key to millstone delays. The task of providing special care ‘fell on our laps’ with the birth of a CP Child during the autumn of 2001. With that came realization and understanding of his condition and the limitations that came with such condition. We had to make a hard conscious effort of providing him with the special care and attention required and this came almost naturally and effortlessly because we had the opportunity to be eased into it gradually by those we met during the journey of seeking help and intervention for him.

Therefore, the realization of the unique challenges associated with caring for a child with special needs informed the establishment of The Farid Centre (named after our CP Child, Mohammad Farid).

The Farid Centre was initially designed to cater for ‘friends of Farid’ to give known families with children in similar situations as Farid the much-needed awareness and early intervention support to enable their children to achieve some degree of independence.

So, several years down the road, after much consultations and with expert advice from late Professor Ibrahim Kolo, former head of department, special education unit Bayero University Kano (BUK), former Provost Niger State College of Education and later VC IBB University Lapai, The Farid Centre for people with special needs opened its doors starting with a six (6) month’s counselling clinic presided over by Dr Nwachukwu Ezechinyere Kingsley of then Department of Special Education at College of Education Minna and now Head of Unit, Special Education Department of Early Childhood & Special Education, University of auto Akwa Ibom, State Nigeria.

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